Azerbaijan creating new corridors for export of green energy

FEBRUARY 19, 2024

Azerbaijan is creating new corridors for the export of green energy today, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Mukhtar Babayev said during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference.

"The process of transition to green energy will be further accelerated. As for Azerbaijan, our emissions are only 0.1 percent. But Azerbaijan began to invest quite intensively in green energy projects, and today we are not only a country that has begun to increase green energy capacity, but also to create new corridors for the export of our green energy to other countries. We have already signed an agreement with the EU regarding the supply of green energy from Azerbaijan, from the region," he noted.

Back on December 17, 2022, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary signed a strategic collaboration agreement that calls for the development of an energy bridge connecting the Caucasus area to Europe.

The agreement calls for Black Sea Energy to construct a 1,000 MW underwater power cable with a length of 1,195 kilometers. The cable will be built to transport green electricity generated in Azerbaijan through Georgia and the Black Sea to Romania, where it will be distributed to Hungary and the rest of Europe. This will allow for the supply of up to 4 GW of renewable energy.